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Save Wild Tigers Forum at London’s London on December 7, 2010

Asia House Save Wild Tigers Forum – Turning Words into Action

In partnership with Born Free, Environmental Investigation Agency and WildAid. Tickets available.

Click for ticketsThroughout the Year of the Tiger there have been considerable international efforts to save this highly endangered species.  As part of a global drive to highlight the tiger’s plight Asia House will host a key London event, the Asia House Save Wild Tigers Forum on 7 December 2010, bringing together internationally renowned conservationists and speakers.

The Forum is part of a season of events with which Asia House aims to galvanise public support and raise funds to save the tiger. Other key events include The Tiger in Asian Art (4th December- 12thFebruary) a major exhibition of art spanning the last three thousand years.

Providing a platform to raise issues and debate possible solutions to save the tiger from extinction, Asia House Save Wild Tigers Forum, will work towards ensuring that the next Year of the Tiger provides a real reason to celebrate. Speakers at the Asia House Save Wild Tigers Forum include Debbie Banks, Senior Campaigner at the Environmental Investigation Agency, Steve Trent, Co-Founder and President of WildAid and Will Travers, CEO of Born Free.

The Forum builds on the International Tiger Forum held in Saint Petersburg on 21- 24 November, hosted by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, where leaders from tiger range countries aim to work out an ambitious tiger conservation strategy. The forum presented a historic opportunity to reignite political will to save the worlds remaining tigers. But what now? The Asia House Forum will give members of the general public a chance to hear about the practical steps needed to save the tiger.


Once extended across Asia, tigers now survive only in scattered populations. Long term threats include deforestation, human population growth, agriculture and development projects impacting on the tigers’ habitat and the illegal trade in tiger parts and products.


The forum will focus on possible solutions to save the tiger including tightening wildlife law enforcement through crime prevention and detection, protecting and managing tiger habitats, expanding consumer and public awareness in order to reduce demand, and supporting community incentives.


Asia House has selected three NGOs who actively play different roles in saving tigers to partner this event.

  • Born Free is working on the ground and has a sanctuary for rescued tigers in Bannerghatta National Park in Southern India. Here, in three acre jungle enclosures with large pools, the tigers can live out their lives in peace and dignity and a degree of freedom enjoying larger and more natural conditions.
  • WildAid works to reduce the demand for endangered species parts and products and to put an end to the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade. WildAid use high-impact, culturally sensitive, customised multimedia campaigns to encourage a shift in consumer behaviour under the slogan ‘when the buying stops, the killing can too’. WildAid messages reach up to 1 billion people every week and are supported by over 80 high-profile wildlife ambassadors including Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, Ang Lee and Harrison Ford.


The tiger has existed for over two million years across Asia. Now one of the most threatened species in the world, the tiger is a potent reminder of the vital need to preserve wildlife and protect natural environments. Saving the wild tiger is not just about saving a charismatic species. It is about securing a long-term future for tigers, the forests they live in and the people who depend on those forests for their survival. The wild tiger is a symbol of our global efforts to secure a stable environment for our future. Their survival reflects a political commitment to good governance and the fight against corruption.

Net proceeds from this event will be donated to Born Free, Environmental Investigation Agency and WildAid.

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